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...Based on How Others See You

SS.21 beauty consulting is special because it can see how the average person sees you. This means you can see what you truly look like to other people. You’ll have an objective view on the way you look. Plus, you won’t have the biases that come with seeing yourself in a mirror. 

We do this with an averaging system. We take a large pool of people, and have them make an anonymous poll on all your features rated from 1-10. From there, we sum the numbers and provide you with a detailed report of how attractive the average person thinks you are. 

Why SS.21 Works


In beauty, honesty is key. How many times have people told you that you look beautiful or amazing, only for you to feel that they’re disingenuous? At times, it may actually be more comforting to know how other people see you. 

With SS.21’s beauty consulting, you can discover what you look like to other people. No more bias compliments and no more empty platitudes. Just the truth, and nothing but the truth. 


SS.21 takes your physical features, and provides you a comprehensive personal guide on how to increase your attractiveness. This includes playing on your strengths as well as compensating for weaknesses.

If you have a weak chin, we provide you with both the clothing styles and fitness regimes to compensate for your disadvantages. If you have nicely shaped and dark eyebrows, we provide you with tips and advice on how to make them work in your favor. 



$79.95/mo. for 12 mo. or $959.40