The Best Cheaper Alternatives To Common Projects

White shoes different from CPs

White shoes. They’re the staple of our generation’s age of fashion, and practically every other generation before it. Today, Common Projects are the quintessential brand for white shoes. So, here’s a link to their site and we’ll see you next ti… Oh, right. It’s $400. We spent a lot of time scouring the internet for … Read more

Color Schemes for Men’s Fashion

This article serves as a general guide to color theory and color schemes for men’s fashion; so, get that pen and paper ready. If this is your first time getting into men’s fashion and you’re just trying to get the hang of the ropes, don’t worry: it’s all simpler than it looks!  Intro to the … Read more

The Best Clothes for People Who Sweat a Lot

Light Weight Clothes

We know that feeling: You only want to put on a thin second layer because it looked stylish, and next thing you know, you have the entire pacific ocean on your underarms. Yeah… that’s all she’s going to notice once she sees it. It’s okay, though! Here at Shortsides, we’ve compiled some of the best … Read more