The Best Shoes For Wide Feet In 2020

As a person with moderately wide feet, and whose brothers’ is even wider, the struggle for proper fitting shoes is real. That is why we went on the hunt for the best shoes for wide feet. Typically, this means having to make orders online, return them, make orders online, and return them again.

We could, of course, test them in person, but the recent Corona virus pandemic makes clothes shopping difficult.

Below, we have listed some of the best shoes for wide feet that you can find online.

Note: We took the following factors into consideration:

  1. It fits right. (duh)
  2. It is reasonably priced.
  3. It is durable.
  4. It looks good
  5. It compliments and works well with other clothes.

Brooks Brothers –Voyager 1 Shoe – Nubuck

The Brooks Brothers Voyager 1 is going to be the go-to shoe for versatility. It’s simple and works well with just about any outfit that you wear, so you can think of this as a “basics” part of your wardrobe.  Of course, the padded soles and light weight make this a good fit. The good thing about this shoe is that it is also soft enough that it doesn’t need to be broken into too much in the beginning.

To be quite honest, that’s all that needs to be said. To us, this shoe already hits every factor perfectly. It’s one of those “this should be in your closet for sure” kind of shoes. You really can’t be wrong in this –unless, of course, you wore this to a funeral or something.

Allen Edmonds – Verona II Italian Loafer

It really shouldn’t be a surprise to see Allen Edmonds here, but we found the Verona II Italian Loafer the best.

There’s something about Italian style loafer designs that just give it the right style. Its image compliments the composition well and this accommodates for large foot sizes. As for durability, it wears quite well after having been worn for a while, so you won’t have to worry about it easily breaking down. There’s also the option of modifying the width of the shoe, so you can fit it to your own size.  


Here’s what their website has to say about it.

• Handcrafted in the USA with US and globally sourced materials, supporting American workers and manufacturing
• Premium C.F. Steads suede from Leeds, England offers exceptional comfort right out of the box
• Unlined for added comfort and reduced weight
• Ultra comfortable, leather-topped PU sock insert
• Lightweight Vibram® outsole give secure grip
• Flat waxed cotton laces from Landrum, South Carolina

Just like Allen Edmond’s Verona II, this is one of the few brands that you can actually change the width from the site. I’d recommend sticking to the actual size of your foot for this shoe, as there aren’t going to be any differences in size when it arrives. I personally think that, despite this being a casual sneaker shoe, it works very well as a part of the workwear style wardrobe.

Clarks – Desert Boots

First, we wanted to address the width of the shoe. On the site, it says that the size is not adjustable, as you can only accept a medium size. If you’ve ever handled a Clarks desert boot before, though, you’d know that these tend to fit for wide feet too. In fact, most Clarks desert boots only fit for wider feet and they tend to be slightly big for people with regular sized foots.

The style is a classic, and more importantly it also works well with just about any sort of outfit. Business casual, casual, and workwear all work well under this shoe. This is also wat you’d call those “but it for life” sort of shoes that never seem to break down. You know those shoes your dad had that were treated like crap every day? Yeah, desert boots can handle that –and hey, they don’t look like dad shoes too!

Bonobos –The Oxley Loafer

We’ve only got one thing bad to say about this one: it has this weird sticker at the back of it. That’s all, though.

Everything else about it? It’s actually quite nice for its price. Bonobos specialized in pants that fit and they expanded their business to shirts and suits, but their shoes actually worked surprisingly well.

It’s got the style; it can be worn casually. With so much brown that we already recommended in your shoe collection, we’d recommend having a blue loafer though. It’s nice to have a subtle strike of color in your wardrobe that adds some flare to the outfit that isn’t so loud as to be unsophisticated or obnoxious.

Still not really sure what to get for your wide feet? Need some recommendations with clothes and styling in general? Don’t be afraid to contact us! We can give you free advice so long as we’re provided reliable photos!