How To Get Rid of Acne Fast –Dermatologist Case Study

This guide is going to be on the only way to get rid of acne fast. We made a guide to this because it seemed like far too many sources online just push for strange snake-oil-like products and weird soaps. The truth is, many solutions and products only make acne worse, which gives customers more incentive to buy.

We are basing this article off both dermatologists recommended advice, scholarly research, and personal experience.

Directions: How to Get Rid of Acne Fast

  1. Do NOT apply too many products on your face.
  2. Stick to only ONE high-strength acne treatment product.
  3. Intake vitamin D.
  4. Change sheets, change clothes, wash gently.

As you many have noticed, this is not complicated. It is important, however, that you do not disregard ANY of these steps at all. Each is important and leaving one out may ruin the process.

Here we will discuss in further detail each step of the directions.

1. Do NOT apply too many products on your face.

The general rule with treating your face and skin properly is not applying too many products. Whether they are treatments for inflammation or makeup to cover flaws, adding more product is always worse.

The face needs to revert to its natural state without the influence of man-made chemicals and unnatural affairs meddling with the organic processes.

Some often find that halting their creams and soaps for an extended period of time (3-5 months) may actually make skin clear up.

2. Stick to only ONE high-strength acne treatment product.

Using products such as creams is not bad, but as we said in the earlier point: you need to stick to keep it small.

We suggest not using any more products on your face than two at a time. Anything more than that will be introducing far too many complexities for the skin to keep up.

The acne treatment product you use should also be strong; strong enough to remove the problem completely without being intrusive.

This research study was conducted recently which shows that glycolic peels worked well in removing stubborn and very severe acne in its subjects.

–> Research study can be found here.

Because of that, we stuck with a strong glycolic chemical peel. The one that seemed to have the best result was the Smooth Surface Glycolic Chemical Peel by Neostrata. This would be the ONLY high-end acne treatment you would need. Do not introduce other products or mix them together; it may end up casing more damage to the skin than necessary.

We have provided a link to the page below.

You do not have to use Neostrata, but this is just what we found works best for getting rid of acne fast.

3. Intake vitamin D without sunlight.

The next step is crucial. Do not forget this.

You need to take in vitamin D, but without the harmful UV rays of real sunlight.

It is true that the sun is a natural source for vitamin D for people; however, it is important also to know that the UV rays emitted by the sun is harmful and can end up causing more damage than good for one’s acne.

–> Here’s an article discussing this problem.

That is why it is best to intake vitamin D through other sources. We suggest using supplement pills, as there is literally no difference in value between vitamin D that comes from the sun and vitamin D that comes from pills.

What worked best was using the pills from Now Foods. We’ve provided a link below for you to access it. Note: It is important that vitamin D every day for a long time. You don’t want to overdose, but the acne will not go away without being consistent with how often and long you take your vitamin D.

4. Change sheets, change clothes, wash gently.

This advice works best for those who do not suffer from hormonal or genetic acne, as it doesn’t involve ointments or direct treatments. Nonetheless, this advice is still important for removing acne fast.

Changing sheets and clothes will keep your skin away from any residual oils. This keeps skin clean and prevents it from producing any more acne.

Your washing process is also very important. Avoid scrubbing too hard or using too many facial cleaning products. Remember: keeping a simple cleansing process is vital to maintaining skin health. Do not use too many products. Be sure to scrub gently and avoid using nails. A soft towel works just fine.


Still struggling with getting rid of acne fast? Having any questions or concerns about skincare in general? Give us a call and we’d be happy to redirect you to some perfect resources! Remember: there is a lot of great info out there. Be sure not to trust the ones that tell you to buy an entire store of retinoids though.

As stated in our article, we’ve found sticking to something simple and clean such as one powerful acne treatment product paired with vitamin D does wonders for most people.