How To Tuck In Your Shirt Without Looking Fat: Tutorial

Note: This guide works for both men and women. 

Whether its for work or a new outfit, everyone knows the struggle of tucking in shirts. We end up looking like a muffin top. This guide will show you how to tuck in your shirt without looking fat. It’s actually very straightforward. You only need two things.

How to Tuck in Your Shirt Without Looking Fat:

  1. The right shirts
  2. The right tucking

The Right Shirts

It’s important to have the right shirt frame and shape if you want to tuck your shirt in without looking fat.

The shirt should have enough fabric tucked at the bottom to leave a little bit extra fabric in the top. This should leave a small “muffin top” of fabric right where you’ve tucked so it covers and belly that may reveal itself.The shape of the shirt will also be determined by the type of fabric its made of.

If you use soft and light-weight fabrics such as cotton, linen, or tweed blends, it will still make a guy look chubby. If you need a lightweight fabric for a shirt that won’t make you look fat, you’ll need something like a silk shirt.

Here’s a few examples of silk shirts that I believe work rather well.

For Work / Business: Brooks Brothers Button-Down Oxford Madison Classic-Fit

Brooks Brothers is the go to brand for work and business related wear.

Although they have a wide spectrum of sizes, we’d recommend getting the Madison classic fit. The classic fit works perfectly for this tucking technique and you won’t have to get something outrageously large and risk looking like some poor college kid asked to attend jury duty.

Most importantly, this will help you look professional without having to sacrifice style. Everyone deserves to wear business-wear and business-casual and look great in it at least once. It’s just such a shame that so much of formal wear doesn’t look good on bigger people.

For Casual Wear: Zara Striped Print Shirt

Zara, like other brands tends to be aimed more toward slim fit bodies, yet this one works just fine for what people call skinny-fat guys. From their site:

“Flowy slim fit shirt with button-down collar and long sleeves. Front button closure.”

The keyword is flowy. Zara has been making these flowy silky shirts that interestingly enough have all the qualities to hide all the belly fat.

For Basics: Bonobos Unbutton Down Shirt:

Bonobos’ Unbutton Down Shirt seems to work best for tucking in your shirt without looking fat. The shirt has a more relaxed structure, but not so much that you’ll look like a grocery bag.

I’d actually say this works as more of a casual shirt: it’s neither too formal nor too informal. It’s also a good shirt for your wardrobe basics. You’re not going for any particular style that’s too loud nor anything too business-y. Just something to go out with when you’re with friends.

Because you need to tuck in parts of your shirt whilst leaving extra fabric, this shirt can actually make you look like you’re wearing a slim fit shirt. The extra fabric that comes with this shirt isn’t overwhelming and that helps you leave a little bit of extra poof at the seams to hide any extra weight that you may want to hide.

The Right Tucking

Now that you’ve got a shirt with the right fabric and shape, you can use this technique to tuck in your shirt without looking fat. It’s actually really simple.

Remember: you can’t do this without having the right type of shirt, or else it can be too long or too short. Check the list above for shirts we recommend for using this technique.

  1. Put your pants on but don’t button it yet.
  2. Push the fabric of the shirt into your pants and outside your underwear.
  3. Make sure the fabric is folded neatly with the ends on top once its inside.
  4. Don’t tuck it in while it’s all scrunched up inside your pants.
  5. Button your pants.
  6. Pull your shirt up just slightly to let some extra tucked fabric escape from your pants.
  7. Adjust it so that you have enough fabric to cover your belly/love-handles/etc.

That’s all! You now know how to tuck in your shirt without looking fat. This is a pretty simple method which can be summarized as, (tuck it in like your normally do, but leave some fabric poofing out like a muffin.)

Got any other questions or concerns? You may want to talk to us! We can provide you free style tips and advice!