Everything You Need to Know About Buying From Beckett Simonon

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re in search of a good basic white shoe. Or, maybe you were in the market for good alternatives to the Thursday boots. Perhaps you’re a broke college student looking to looksmax without having to spend a fortune (and hey, fair enough man; that’s a noble pursuit!)

Then, you came across Beckett Simonon.

You read some reviews on Reddit.

You saw some positive and negative takes.

So on and so forth.

We felt a lot of online reviews were either too biased or not specific enough. And, because Beckett Simonon’s price point appeals to college kids hoping to look good without breaking the bank, we believe it’s crucial to provide a comprehensive guide that doesn’t just cover their shoe quality. We also cover whether these shoes would be worth it, and for whom it would be worth it.

This is important since not every customer has or ought to have the same needs.

With that, let’s get to the review.

Note: as with all online reviews on the internet, publishers have a financial incentive to get you to purchase for a commission percentage. In this case, Beckett Simonon provides a generous 20% to all writers who get customers to buy from them. So, do keep this in mind when reading other reviews online. As always, ShortSides benefits from said commissions; but, our priority is journalistic integrity –and making you look good, duh– and we would never inflate our reviews for the sake of profit.

Table of Contents

  1. Beckett Simonon Shoe Quality and Appearance.
  2. On Beckett Simonon’s White Shoes.
  3. Beckett Simonon Delivery Time.
  4. What Shoes Should I Buy From Beckett Simonon?
  5. Beckett Simonon Customer Service (And Why it Matters).
  6. Beckett Simonon: Is It Worth It?

Beckett Simonon Shoe Quality and Appearance.

First, let’s talk about shoe quality.

Beckett Simonon has really, really solid quality –which is quite unusual for its price point. Often, shoes of any kind at the price point they’re in are going to have at least 1-2 major flaws. But, BS seems to do everything quite nicely. Some of the best things about the quality include…

  1. Very soft leather that molds to your foot shape.
  2. Accurate Sizing (Beckett Simonon recommends sizing down by .5)
  3. Soles feel very nice when walking. Great for people who do over 15,000 steps on a daily basis.
  4. Didn’t notice this until wearing them, but they’re very easy on the ankles.
  5. Interior leather material makes for good temperature and moisture (doesn’t get moist or damp from sweat)
  6. Has a good “slide-in” feel to them.
  7. Calfskin leather feels nice and comfortable for your feet. Shouldn’t be too surprised for any kind of calf skin, though…
  8. Because of the quality of the leather, they don’t dig into the back of your ankles like some other shoes do.

Of course, they’re not exempt from criticism. For us, the flaws in quality include…

  1. Feels kind of hard right out of the box (need to break into them)
  2. There’s an area by the toes (one of the shoes) that feels a little bit off. The fold on top digs into the toe a little bit as well as the upper part of the toe’s base. This was only in our order; but, everyone else online appears to have had no issue with this.
  3. Very slight unalignment in the GATs where the pattern appears uncentered. Does not appear prominent in photos and in person, however.

Below we’ve also provided a photo detailing the quality of craftsmanship. Pretty good job for a $169 (originally $250) shoe!

I provided a close-up photo of the leather and stitching on BS’s German Army Trainers (GATs) Morgen Trainers. The materials and stitching are well done. The next photo will cover some cons.

Okay, now let’s talk about appearances.

Here are some pros for appearances:

  1. No branding; good for minimalists.
  2. The design is sleek and smooth; it doesn’t appear clunky like other brands.
  3. Wear over time doesn’t make it look overly creased or beat up; still looks solid as a casual shoe.
  4. Versatile colors are not too profoundly loud and are muted enough to go well with most outfits. See our color guide for men’s fashion for details.
  5. The shape is very handsome. Gives it a sharp look that isn’t too weirdly round or bulbous like some shoes. Works very well in framing your silhouette.
  6. We appreciate what U/AffordableEarl mentioned in their Reddit post. “With minimalist white sneakers, it’s surprising that details seem to be as important as lack of details.” This is especially true for BS’s white sneakers.

Here are a few cons:

  1. No branding (Might be a con for a small minority of people? But, mostly good for minimalist shoe enthusiasts which includes most people)
  2. Very slight unalignment in the GATs where the pattern appears uncentered. Does not appear prominent in photos and person, however.
  3. You’ll notice some small creases here and there.

Again, we provided a photo detailing where the crease is. This is our only big complaint. But, even then it’s a problem that isn’t visible to most people and is only really felt when you first wear it for a week or two.

The GAT’s right foot shoe has a section on the right side of the toe that folds a bit uncomfortably. However, this fold softens over time and is practically unnoticeable after some wear for a few weeks.

On Beckett Simonon’s White Shoes.

Probably one of the more important purchases to your wardrobe will be your white shoes.

Let’s face it: white shoes are some of the most versatile pieces in any person’s wardrobe. So, you’re going to want to make sure what you get is solid. That’s why we’re going particularly in-depth with the details here for their white shoes. Some of their most versatile pieces are going to be the following.

  1. German Army Trainers, Morgen Trainers (GATs)
  2. Reid Shoes

If you’re going to get any kind of white shoes from their super long list, we recommend getting at least one or both of these two.

We provided additional specs on these shoes.

The German Army Trainers, Morgen Trainers (GATs)

Price: $250 $169
Leather: Italian Calfskin Leather (Full-Grain)
Lining: Vachetta Leather
Lace: Cotton
Sole: Rubber Sole
Make: Made in Bogota, Colombia

Reid Shoes

Price: $250 $169
Leather: Italian Calfskin Leather (Full-Grain)
Lining: Vachetta Leather
Lace: Cotton
Sole: Rubber Sole
Make: Made in Bogota, Colombia

In fact, we would actually say these shoes are a much better alternative to some other highly recommended ones like Greats. Most shoes at the low-mid price point have at least one major flaw. For some, it’s stitching or physical wear over time. For others, it’s major aesthetic flaws.

For Greats’ shoes, one of the major flaws we found was the clunkiness and plastic-ish look of the shoe. It made it look like shiny white shoes rather than natural and comfortable casual shoes. Instead of being sleek and sharp, it was creased, clunky, and oddly put together.

Meanwhile, Beckett Simonon looked really nice –and in fact much nicer– than we had expected for its price point. So, hey: great job, and kudos to them!

Okay, now let’s discuss white shoe opinions.

At Shortsides, we don’t like to have people digging through their pockets just to look and feel good about themselves. The classic white shoe is one of many staples to any wardrobe. So, it’s absolutely crucial whether you’re a college student, a grad looking to save money, or just any other person looking to improve their appearance to have a good, reliable place for high-quality white shoes.

And, we actually think Beckett Simonon is an unusually good pick for a lot of people. It’s not too expensive, it’s got a solid look to it that exceeds expectations, and the flaws are acute and minimal compared to those of other companies.

Here’s the other thing, though. White shoe hunting can be just as much a headache as it is confusing. One of the great things about BS’s white shoes is that it’s just at that right sweet spot where it’s above-average for a low price without being at the super high-end of shoes. This is great for people too busy to do all the legwork of researching day and night for a good white shoe. It’s also great for people who are indecisive and can’t really decide on a solid shoe because they’re afraid of making the wrong decision. Want something decent but not enough thought to really cater a shoe hyper-specific to your particular fit? Beckett Simonon’s white shoes work beautifully.

And, honestly, the fact that it’s a safe choice for a shoe without looking generic is fantastic. It makes the decision-making process much more stress-free, as looking for the “perfect white shoe” can always be time-consuming and daunting. It just becomes a game of scrolling forums again, and again, and again, and again.

Beckett Simonon Delivery Time.

Kind of an underlooked topic in some of the reviews we’ve seen; but, it’s still important for us to consider: delivery time.

Here’s what Beckett Simonon had to say about delivery time in their email.

“We ship your order from our sneakers studio in around five weeks. We first fly the batch across to our warehouse in Miami and then dispatch the orders across the USA by UPS.”

Beckett Simonon Email on Delivery Time

We had our delivery done on the 7th of November, 2023. The order was expected to arrive in mid-January. This was an order made to the United States. Thus, Beckett Simonon customers should expect to see their orders shipped to their doorstep within approximately 2.5 months. However, our order didn’t arrive until 2 weeks after that –making their shoes have a total of approximately 3 months to arrive.

However, it should also be noted that we did change our order on the same day; though, that should not have made the delay so severe.

Additionally, this was ordered during a time when COVID was still delaying package times. So, the delay in delivery could be due to logistical slowness. Keep this in mind when making purchases. If you need to have your shoes FAST, you probably don’t want to order from Beckett Simonon. Otherwise, if you can wait for a solid pair of shoes of high quality and decent price, we highly recommend it.

What Shoes Should I Buy From Beckett Simonon?

As a general rule, we recommend buying casual shoes only from Beckett Simonon. This is because their casual shoes are already very good. But, any other shoes with high labor costs such as professional dress shoes or boots often demand more careful craftsmanship.

This is not to say their other shoes are bad. Rather, when you’re buying higher-end shoes that typically demand more time and money, it’s good to invest in those as statement pieces. Don’t be afraid to invest in higher-quality dress shoes or boots. And, when it comes to versatile comfort shoes you’ll be wearing every other day, make sure you get the best one for your budget.

In this case, Beckett Simonon wins when it comes to white shoes and casual shoes. The value you get for the quality is superb and fits this perfectly.

So, long story short: Get Beckett Simonon if you’re getting casual shoes like the Morgen Trainers or the Reid Shoes. For statement shoes like boots or professional shoes, invest in more upper-end brands.

Beckett Simonon Customer Service (And Why it Matters)

The customer service was very good.

We had open communication with our customer service representative and had our order and shoe size changed despite the order having fully been processed. Additionally, we had an actual person speaking with us and they were very understanding throughout the process. Very nice.

Now, there are a few online reviews from a couple of years ago claiming the customer service is bad. It could be the case the company had seen these reviews and recently tried to up their game as a result. After all, we had a great experience with them. Does it mean everyone is going to? No. Will you get someone who just so happened to have a bad day and takes it out on you? Let’s hope not. Ultimately, though, we did have a great experience with customer service and many of the reviews online have also said the same. There are a few stragglers here and there who did claim they had a rough experience; but, we can still take their opinions into consideration!

Beckett Simonon: Is It Worth It?

Here’s the verdict: Beckett Simonon shoes are worth it for a majority of people looking for higher-than-average quality shoes that look good without breaking your wallet. This wouldn’t fail to impress most people and the comfort and look make it very worth the cost. But, if you’re looking to impress highly-picky shoe nerds, look elsewhere.

Now, for a more in-depth explanation.

Beckett Simonon is good for who we’d call the college student or grad with enough extra cash to buy decent clothing. They’re not going crazy or anything; but, they aren’t afraid to spend a bit extra to get a solid product and look good. And, we think this is the perfect balance for most people looking to looksmax without being irrational about it.

Oh, and chances are you’re not going to need to get into debt for a pair of good shoes. Which is good! At Shortsides, while we do endorse the looksmaxing pursuit, we don’t endorse doing it at the detriment of your well-being like your finances or mental health.

White shoes are a classic. They’re crucial to just about anyone’s fundamental fit. And, if you’re looking for a solid outfit recommendation, or just advice on how to boost your attractiveness, fashion sense, or beauty as a whole, consider contacting us for a free session! We’ll discuss details with you and provide you with a comprehensive guide and aesthetics consultation to help you get started on your looksmaxing journey!