About Us

Dear reader,

Welcome to ShortSides.com! We’re a site that helps men learn how to put themselves together properly. We help you differentiate which men’s hair and fashion products are worth your time, and which aren’t.

If you’re anything like me when I was a silly teenager, you may have realized that fashion and style for men isn’t easy. “What do I ask my barber for other than: short on the sides, long on top?” “What’s up with that “streetwear stuff?” “Do these cuff-links compliment my personality?” That’s what we’re here for: all our comprehensive guides are free for everyone from newbies to style experts.

As for products, I made this site to give honest reviews of popular products so you don’t have to buy things you hate. “Is this actually good?” “Does this even compliment my hair type?” “Is this worth the money?” We answer these questions so you don’t have to.

Jason Xie

Founder of ShortSides