Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Dry Asian Hair

My fellow Asians,  As a comrade and brother in arms who also suffers from dry asian hair, I truly learned whether I actually needed to moisturize. There were two different types of days I remember that served as a great lesson for me.  The first day was when I hung out with my friend after … Read more

The Best Clothes for People Who Sweat a Lot

Light Weight Clothes

We know that feeling: You only want to put on a thin second layer because it looked stylish, and next thing you know, you have the entire pacific ocean on your underarms. Yeah… that’s all she’s going to notice once she sees it. It’s okay, though! Here at Shortsides, we’ve compiled some of the best … Read more

Gatsby Moving Rubber Grunge Mat Review

If you’re not Asian, you’re in luck. If you are Asian, you’re also in luck! All forms of Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Wax accommodate for Asian hair, but that doesn’t mean the products don’t work perfectly well for non-Asians. In general, the effectiveness of Gatsby products ranges from person to person. They have different forms … Read more