The Best Cheaper Alternatives To Common Projects

White shoes. They’re the staple of our generation’s age of fashion, and practically every other generation before it. Today, Common Projects are the quintessential brand for white shoes. So, here’s a link to their site and we’ll see you next ti…

Oh, right. It’s $400.

We spent a lot of time scouring the internet for some of the best alternatives to Common Projects for the best quality and price. Let’s be real here: There are some darn good alternatives to Common Projects out there, some are even more comfortable and look better than it.

In this article, we’re highlighting 2 of the best of the best. These are the best cheaper alternatives to Common Projects –and some of them look even better.

The Best Cheaper Alternatives to Common Projects

Sydney Brown Low Sneaker White

These are going to be the best that it gets. Minimalist, clean, sleek.

One of the best things about this one is the comfort, and that’s saying something since most other new shoes are about as hard as a rock. The lining at the top is soft on the heels, so you’re not going to bleed all over the place like it’s that time of the month.

I was wearing a pair of these a month ago at a kickback house party during my sophomore year of college. One of my “artsy” friends loved the cork material in the soles, and I can’t blame her. It was an Asian household so taking off my shoes showed off the abstract pattern of the brown cork.

It’s also a 100% vegan shoe that is made of recycled fiber and organic cotton laces. If you want comfort and aesthetics but you’re also all about saving the planet, this is your go to piece.

Svensson Classic Low White

This is also a great choice for a better quality, cheaper alternative to Common Projects. Good stitching, good lining, calf leather, rubber outsole, padded tongue, and collar. The laces are flat and compliments the smart sleek design of the shoe’s structure. This one is also more comfortable for your ankles, so you won’t go bleeding everywhere you walk.

For the most part, it’s a comfortable, high quality shoe that lasts and has a white, sleek structure equally stylish to Common Projects. For less.

Can I Trust Grailed For Shoes?

“Shoes make the man.”

This was probably said by some Tibetan Monk meditating on a mountain. But hey, the proverb is pretty true. Shoes are the first thing a lady notices in a man’s outfit, after all. So why skimp out on them?

Okay, so what about getting good shoes from Grailed? Can’t I just get good, barely worn shoes from another person on the internet? Well, kind of.

The thing about Grailed is that they have some pretty good resell clothes there. People post legit photos and you get what you pay for. Now, the problem is that a lot of fakes circulate Grailed, and only some users actually say that they’re fake, but most of them don’t specify that they’re fakes.

In truth, fakes aren’t entirely bad. Some of them, not all, can be pretty good quality and feel quite the same as the real ones. The problem is that these fakes are being sold for 200 – 300 dollars when in fact they should be sold for cheaper than that. Fakes are typically not that expensive, and you can go to much better websites for alternatives that are cheaper and still hold good quality.

ReonDistrict –A Better Alternative

ReonDistrict is one of the few sources that actually provides high quality fakes for a good price without compromising quality. If you scour around other forums online, it’s typically hailed as the place to go to for fakes if you don’t want to have bad quality.  

Best of all, they look exactly alike to the brand they’re faking.

Typically, the fake brand clothes industry is rife with pieces with smell weirds, weird stitching, and structures that cut into your feet. Fortunately, ReonDistrict does fakes quite well, and you won’t have to worry about some tool checking your feet at every inch to check if they’re fake, because they’re practically 99% identical.

So if you’re a broke hypebeast and still want Common Projects to fit with the trend, you can still buy the fakes from ReonDistrct and you won’t compromise on the “Hey, those are CPs right? Nice!” compliments.  

And that’s it! If you need cheaper alternatives to Common Projects, try out either Sydney Brown Low Sneaker Whites, or Svensson Classic Low Whites. If you’re looking for Common Project fakes without losing out on quality, search on ReonDistrict. Don’t use Grailed for shoes. Shoes make the man, so they deserve the respect of the highest quality you can afford.

Got questions about how to pair white shoes? Just questions about shoes in men’s fashion in general? Want personalized recommendations on what outfits work with your body? Hit us up and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!